Once upon a time,
in a land far, far away

Personnal Project

A poetic game

UX & UI Interface, Illustration

Once Upon a Time is a game for young children, but also my end of study project. It’s about the discovery of interculturality, or more simply, how a child can discover a new culture thanks to the tale. It’s not juste a simple game, because it helps him to increase his creativity, curiosity and open-minded. As a treat to my self, I had the pleasure to do the illustrations myself, used in my game.


Collab with Wiztivi



The children interface

Colorful, immersive, and most of all, unique !

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Reading page

Question Page

Answer Page

The parents interface

Wants to be involve in your child game ? This is it.

Parent Gestion

Parent Gestion

Parent Gestion

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